Monday, November 17, 2008

“Graphic Artists Guild Sues Artists!”

November 12, 2008

Dear Fellow Creative,

As working artists we assume threats from outside our creative community are a given. The news that the Graphic Artist Guild (GAG), which purports to be an organization 'supporting artists’ rights', has filed a lawsuit against fellow artists IS SIMPLY OUTRAGEOUS!

That the Graphic Artists Guild has chosen to file suit against the Illustrators Partnership of America (IPA) and the very artists who've led the on-going fight against the Orphan Works bill – which the Guild has supported – leaves us questioning, “Why a lawsuit against fellow artists”?...“Why now”?...

To be clear, some of us are members of the IPA and/or GAG, but this request is non-partisan. For those who were once proud members of GAG, this public stance opposing GAG is a difficult one. We support all voices working on behalf of artists, but we speak with a unified voice as friends and colleagues within the creative community against this lawsuit. We fear our silence now would be misconstrued as agreement with this action by the GAG.

This suit looks as if it is meant to punish and silence, through fear and intimidation, not only those whose names are listed on it, but ALL artists who dare to publicly question, disagree with or work in opposition to the Graphic Artists Guild. We speak out in support of open debate and for greater accountability from all groups who claim to represent our interests both here and abroad.

At a time when we artists are facing serious challenges this lawsuit from an organization supporting artists’ rights is a misguided distraction our community cannot afford.

We respectfully call upon the Graphic Artists Guild to immediately withdraw its lawsuit against the Illustrators Partnership of America (IPA), and the following individual artists; Brad Holland, Cynthia Turner, Ken Dubrowski, executive Terrence Brown, and attorney Bruce Lehman.

We ask all creators to make their voices heard NOW. If you agree that this lawsuit is wrong, then please email your name, discipline and affiliation(s) to and please ask other artists for their support. Once a sufficient number of signers have been collected we will send this petition to all interested parties.


Daniel Vasconcellos,
Illustrator since 1986, GAG member 1986-2003, GAG-Boston Chapter President 1988-1990, IPA member 2000-present

Richard A. Goldberg
Illustrator since 1980, GAG member 1980-2003, GAG Boston Chapter President 2001-2003; IPA member 1999-present.

Alan Witschonke
Illustrator, GAG member approx. 1980-2003; Chair of Grievance Committee, Boston Chapter, approx. 1982-1987; Co-Vice President, Boston Chapter, 2001-2003. Joined IPA approx. 2000.

Sharon Kurlansky,
Agency Director / Laughing Stock, 1993 to present. Stock agent to over 135 artists. Former GAG member, former PACA member.

Hal Mayforth
Illustrator since 1982, GAG member 1982-2003, Founding member IPA

James Steinberg
Illustrator since 1980, GAG member 1982-2002, GAG Boston National Rep 1985-1986, IPA member 1999-2002

John S. Dykes
Illustrator since 1984, Past GAG member, Member IPA 2000 - present.

Gary Taxali
Illustrator Since 1991, CAPIC Member from 1992 – 2007, Founding Member, IPA

Tamar Haber-Schaim
Illustrator since 1985, GAG Boston Chairman Events Committee 1986, GAG member approx. 1985 – 1998, attendee of annual meetings EIF (European Illustrators Forum) 2006, 2007

Donald B. Johnson
Working illustrator since 1978, former GAG member, Society of Illustrators member.

Elizabeth Traynor
Working illustrator since 1981; Member, Society of Illustrators; Illustration teacher.

Robert Saunders
Illustrator since 1980; Editor/Designer GAG Boston Update 2002; Executive Committee 1998-2001; Boston Chapter President, Acting 1986-1988; Chapter Vice President 1985-1986; Chapter Representative to Nat’l Board 1984-1985; Contract Committee member and Advertising Committee Chair ca 2000; 23-year ca GAG member; Former IPA member

Jim Roldan
20+ years as a free lance illustrator, current steering committee member and past president of the New Hampshire Creative Club

Blair Thornley
Illustrator since 1982, GAG member 1994-2001, IPA member 2000 – present.

Rob Dunlavey
GAG Member 1987-2004. Practicing illustrator 1985- present

Leo Espinosa
Illustrator Since 1996.

Irena Roman
Illustrator since 1987.

John Roman
Illustrator since 1987.

C.F. Payne
Illustrator/Artist, Past member GAG, Founding member IPA, Chair of Illustration Department CCAD

Teri J. McDermott, MA CMI
Past President and Fellow, Association of Medical Illustrators. Medical Illustrator since 1975, founding member of IPA.

Sharon Watts,
Illustrator since 1982, former GAG member

Stu Suchit
Illustrator since 1989. 

Joe Boddy
Illustrator-since 1977

Victor Vaccaro

Dugald Stermer
Artist, Educator, Founding member of the IPA

Robert Pizzo
Illustrator since 1980, GAG membership (with my wife, Susan) late 1980s.

Susan Hunt Yule
Illustrator since 1975, Former GAG member 1979-2008, IPA member 2008-.

Douglas Schneider
Realistic food and botanical illustrator for 20 years. Member of Society of Illustrators San Diego and Illustrators' Partnership of America.

Stephanie Dalton Cowan
Illustrator since 1999

Krista Fuentes
8 years at Richard Solomon, Artists Representative, an agency representing professional illustrators for over 25 years

Mark Summers
Illustrator since 1978, CAPIC member since 1985, Society of Illustrators since 1993.

John MacDonald
Illustrator since 1982. Member GAG since 1988, IPA since 2001.

Bob Dobbie
President of Society of Illustrators Los Angeles 2005 and 2006.

Jerelle Kraus
Art director, illustrator, & writer. Author of All the Art That’s Fit to Print (And Some That Wasn't): Inside The New York Times Op-Ed Page (Columbia Univ. Press, November, 08)

John Collier

Pat Byrnes
Former Guild Member (until I resigned over the Guild's involvement with Orphan Works Act) Chicago Chapter

Scott Anderson

John P. Maggard
Working illustrator since 1976, Past GAG member, Founding IPA member, current member Society of Illustrators.

Bob Aufuldish
Partner Aufuldish & Warinner, graphic designer since 1985

James Kaczman
Illustrator since 1985
Intermittent membership in GAG since 1987 and IPA since 2000.

Barbara Shore
Illustrator since 1994, member of Association of Illustrators.

Sally Vitsky

Rick Stromoski
Past President of the National Cartoonists Society 2005-2007, Former GAG member

Birck Cox
Medical illustrator since 1980, member, AMI, since 1982. Former GAG member.

Mark Ulriksen,
Illustrator since 1994, former member of the GAG and founding member, Illustrators Partnership of America

Iskra Johnson
Artist, Designer

J.D. King

Michael Sloan
Illustrator since 1989.

Jon Foster

Randall Enos
Illustrator since 1956 to present. Founding member of the Illustrators Guild and Illustrators Partnership.

Mary Burzynski
Art Director

Jeremy McHugh
Freelance Illustrator

Michael McParlane
As a concerned illustrator, member of the National Cartoonists Society, and the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators,

Elwood H. Smith
Illustrator since 1961. Member of both the GAG (since 1976) and the IPA as a founding member.

Maggie Pickard
Illustrator’s rep since 1982. Graphic artist.

Frederick H. Carlson
Illustration excellence since 1980
Former National GAG president

Donato Giancola
Freelance Illustrator since 1993; Member, Society of Illustrators; Member Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists; Professor of Illustration at SVA.

Todd Lockwood

Cathleen Toelke
Full-time illustrator since 1980; former GAG member, approx. 1982-2002; past Society of Illustrators member; IPA Founding Member

Robert Grossman

Stella M. Violano

Valorie Wilson

Cathy Bennett

Mark Reusch
Illustrator since 1995, Massachusetts College of Art Illustration Dept. Faculty.

Phyllis Dobbs

Alan Gordon,
Illustrator since 1992

Brenda Pinnick
Artist, Illustrator, 25 years , Graphic & Product Designer, 5 years

Michael Dringenberg
Illustrator since 1984; freelance and happily unaffiliated.

Jill K. Gregory, CMI
Certified Medical Illustrator

Lisa Birmingham
Director of Medical Illustration and Graphic Design
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Universityof IllinoisEye and Ear Infirmary

Thomas Nowacki,
Medical Illustrator, Association of Medical Illustrators
Faculty, Biomedical Art
The Cleveland Institute of Art

Kevin M. Brennan, MS
Biomedical Visualization

Carolyn Holmes, M.S., C.M.I., F.A.M.I.
Certified Medical Illustrator

Lianne Krueger Sullivan
Medical Illustrator
Professor of Art, Brookhaven College, Department of Art

Joi Holcomb
Medical Illustrator
University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Virginia Harris Cockrell Cancer Research Center

Michael Konomos
Medical Illustrator

Ethan Geehr, C.M.I., F.A.M.I.
Medical illustrator since 1987, GAG member 2002-2006, International Interactive Communications Society member 1994-1997, member Association of Medical Illustrators 1985 to present

Kent Barton
Former Art Director, free-lance illustrator since 1988.

William R. Matthews,
Founder LifeHouse Productions, LLC., Medical and Scientific Animation. Medical Illustrator since 1990. Member
Association of Medical Illustrators

Jennifer E. Fairman, CMI, FAMI
Illustrator since 1992
Fairman Studios, LLC Founder and Principal
Assistant Professor, Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Graphic Artists Guild Boston Chapter, Member, 2000 - 2005, Secretary, Boston Chapter, 2004, Co-Treasurer, Boston Chapter 2003, 2004
Association of Medical Illustrators Fellow, Professional Member, 1999 - present, Board of Governors, 2004 - 2008
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Member, 1994 - present, Washington DC Chapter Program Coordinator, 1996 - 1997
Illustrators Club of Washington DC Member, 2006 - present
IPA member 2001-present

Molly Feuer
Medical Illustrator; member, Association of Medical Illustrators; member, Illustrators Partership of America; member, Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators.

Andy B. Clarkson
Artist, Muralist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator since 1999

Pat Thomas, CMI, FAMI
Association of Medical Illustrators Past President

Nathan McSpadden
Medical Illustrator

Terese Winslow
Freelance Medical and Scientific Illustrator since 1984, member of the
Association of Medical Illustrators and Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

Joy Marlowe, CMI
Medical Illustrator, Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics
Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, MD

William B. Westwood, M.S., CMI
Westwood Medical Communications

Ann Stroncek

Tonya Hines,
Board Certified Medical Illustrator practicing medical illustrator since 1990; Member, Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) since 1988; Chair, AMI Professional Guidelines Committee 2004-present; AMI board member 2004-2008

Jane E. Watson (Gilmore)
CMI, Association of Medical Illustrators

Brad Yeo
Illustrator since 1991

Alexandra W. Baker
Illustrator since 1989. Member of AMI/IPA. Member of AEIMeS.

David L. Baker
Illustrator since 1991. Member of AMI/IPA.

Mica Duran
Professional illustrator 2000-present; Professional graphic designer, 1997-2000; Former GAG member, 1995-2003; Association of Medical Illustrators member, 2000-present; IPA member, 2001-present.

Karrie L. McKeown, C.P.M.
(formerly Karrie Probst)
UTM.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Melanie Marder Parks
Illustrator since 1980, GAG member for over 20 years until 2005, instructor at the School of Visual Arts,
Continuing Ed Department, contributed to IPA in its first year.

Mike Stroncek

Barbara Lanza
Illustrator since 1966

Bryan Gray
Art director/designer/illustrator since 1986. Director, ProFile Stock

Kevin A. Somerville
Medical Illustrator
AMI member since 1981

Rachel Bajema
Medical illustrator since 2005. Member of the Association of Medical Illustrators 2005 - present. IPA member 2005 - present

Marcia Hartsock, MA, CMI
The Medical Art Company
Medical Illustrator since 1981, Member of the AMI and IPA. I was once a member of GAG

Sue Seif, MA, CMI, FAMI
Seif & Associates, Inc.
Practicing medical illustrator since 1977, member AMI since 1977, member IPA.

Jay McElroy, MAMS
Illustrator/Art Development Editor since 1997, AMI and IPA member 1997-present.

Thom Graves
Certified Medical Illustrator

Christine Brown
Graphic artist since 1995.

Alexandra Hernandez
Illustrator since 1997, IPA member, AMI member 2002-present, DSVC (Dallas Society of Visual Communicators) member

Herb Smith
Active medical illustrator for over 40 years
President, Association of Medical Illustrators, 1975
Member of GAG approx 1980-2000
Member of IPA since 2001

Elaine Bammerlin
Certified Medical Illustrator, AMI member since 1981.

Adrienne Boutwell, MAMS
Owner, BBV Studios
AMI Member

Elizabeth Sayles
Illustrator, Adjunct Professor of Illustration, School of Visual Arts & SUNY/Rockland
former GAG Board member (1980s) and current IPA member

Jeremy Sherman
Medical/scientific illustrator

Greg Voth
Computer Graphics • Design • Illustration

Anna J. Boll
Maine Illustrators' Collective

Andrea Mistretta
Illustrator and Designer since 1979

Kathleen Bitetti

Chris Gralapp
Medical/Scientific Illustration

Jennifer Darcy, MS,
AMI Professional Member 2004-Present

Britt Griswold
Illustrator since 1980, Board Member-Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

Joanne Haderer Muller, CMI
Board Certified Medical Illustrator, AMI member since 1996, HeSCA member

Gina Mikel
Scientific Illustrator, GAG member

Ray-Mel Cornelius
Professional artist/illustrator since 1977.

Robin Brickman
Illustrator since 1976.  GAG member for approximately twenty years (1979-2000)

Erica Beade
Illustrator since 1998

Marjorie Leggitt
Leggitt Design

Stacy Turpin, MS, CMI
Medical Illustrator
Department of Surgery, Applied Research
University of Missouri – Columbia

Paul Rogers

David Goldin

Joe Ciardiello,
illustrator since 1974, former GAG member. Member Society of Illustrators and IPA.

Bob Staake
Illustrator since 1976

Thomas Fuchs,
Illustrator since 1997.

Brian Stauffer,
Illustrator since 1996, designer since 1989

Glenda Rogers Stocco,
Illustrator/Artist since 1961, IPA Founding Member
Former GAG member: year of 2000

Deborah K. Haines (DK Haines)
Member of the AMI since 1990, GNSI since 1989, IPA since 2000
Fellow of AMI, 1993
Member of GAG (1993-94)

David W. Ehlert, MAMS
Certified Medical Illustrator

Eric T. Olson M.S. CMI
Medical Illustrator

Wendy Hiller Gee, CMI
Member, Association of Medical Illustrators
Member, Guild of Natural Science Illustrators
Currently Chair, Board of Governors of the Association of Medical Illustrators

Elizabeth Martin, MS, FAMI
Medical Illustrator since 1971
Association of Medical Illustrators member since 1972
Fellow, Association of Medical Illustrators
Member, IPA

Kimberly Martens
Medical Illustrator since 1991. Member of the Association of Medical Illustrators since 1989.
Associate Professor, Illustration Area Head, Northern Illinois University. IPA member since 2000.

Craig Kiefer
csince 1991. Member of the Association of Medical Illustrators since 1989.
IPA member since 2000.

Jim Perkins
Fellow, Association of Medical Illustrators
Associate Professor of Medical Illustration, Rochester Institute of Technology

BJ Lantz
Illustrator & product designer

Mary Beth Clough
Medical Illustrator, Medical Writer at Nucleus Medical Art, Inc.
Medical Illustrator since 1991, Member of the AMI and IPA

Jill Rhead, MA
Certified Medical Illustrator
Member of the AMI and IPA

R. Michael Belknap, MS, FAMI
Past-President, Association of Medical Illustrators
Fellow of AMI
Founding Member, Illustrators Partnership of America
Founding Member, American Society of Illustrators Partnership

John Martini
Certified Medical Illustrator
Association of Medical Illustrators (Since 1983)
Illustrators Partnership of America
Coppini Acadamy of Fine Arts

Peg Gerrity
Certified Medical Illustrator
Fellow, Association of Medical Illustrators

Nelva Richardson
Medical Illustrator since 1973. Member of AMI and IPA.

Nick Dunmur
photographer, UK

Jackie Heda, CMI
Jackie Heda Medical Illustration

Scott Barrows
Medical Illustrator and Assistant Professor

Dena L. Matthews, MAMS
1997 - Present: Medical Illustrator
1997 - Present: Member of The Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI)
2008: Vice Chair of AMI Artists' Rights Committee
2001- present: Member IPA

john cuneo

Franklin Hudson
Metal Smith

Joanne B. Adams, BFA, CMI
Research Director and Medical Illustrator

Ron Boisvert, MS, CMI
RGB Medical Imagery, Inc.

Brenden Taylor
Illustrator since 1993
AMI member since 2006
Associate Editor of the USCAP eAcademy

John Bivens

Sharon Ellis, M.M.A., M.F.A. C.M.I.
Medical Illustrator since 1970
Member-Association of Medical Illustrators

Chris Reed
occasional GAG member, Illustrator since 1985

Megan E. B. Foldenauer, MA, CMI
Certified Medical & Biological Illustrator
Owner, Principal, Megalo-Media Illustration, since 2002
Professional Member of The Association of Medical Illustrators, since 2002
Gallery-Showing Fine Artist, since 1996

Kyle T. Webster
Illustrator since 2002; Co-founder, NC Society of Illustrators; The Original Design Gangsta.

Glen Hintz
Associate Professor, Medical Illustration
School of Art
College of Imaging Arts and Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology

Don Kilpatrick III
Artist, Educator, and Illustrator
Former President of the San Francisco Society of Illustrators

J o h n A r m s t r o n g - M i l l a r

Kari C. Toverud MS CMI,
Medical illustrator since 1983 and member of Norwegian Graphic arts and Illustrators guild (GRAFILL) since 1983.

Sue Climpson
Illustrator since 1968

Steve Climpson
Photographer since 1975

Gordon C Harrison
Photographer – member of Pro-Imaging

Geoff Dann

Lynn Reznick Parisi
Licensing and Sales Manager for Syndicated Cartoonist
Atlantic Feature Syndicate

Darrin Jenkins

Georgina Bowater
Freelance and stock photographer for 35 years

Graeme Harris

Conor Masterson
photographer since 1992.
Member of the association of Photographers (UK)
London, UK

Robert Logie
Bigfish Folding Bike

Pedro Alvarez

Rob Brimson
Photographer since 1971 and member of AoP

Catherine Twomey
Board Certified Medical Illustrator
Association of Medical Illustrators
Founding Member, Illustrator's Partnership of America

William M. Winn, MS, FAMI
Medical Illustration/Fine Art
Emeritus Member’AMI

Glyn Davies,
BA(hons) AOP
TV & Radio Featured
Specialist Landscape Photo-Artist
Member of the Association of Photographers
Member of the Pro Imaging Group
Member of Federation of Small Businesses
Vice Chair Anglesey Arts Forum
United Kingdom

Todd Buck
Medical Illustrator
Member, Association of Medical Illustrators
Assistant Professor of Illustration at Northern Illinois University

Amy P. Collins, CMI, FAMI
Art and Science

Tina Pavlatos
Medical Illustrator since 1999

Ophelia Lee
Medical & Biological Illustration Student
Member of Association of Medical Illustrators
Member of Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

Charles D. Whitehead
Certified Medical Illustrator

Andrew Swift
Illustrator since 1992
Member Association of Medical Illustrators since 2000

Mark Korsak
Illustrator Since 1996. Member Society of Illustrators. Past GAG Member.

Chris Buzelli
Illustrator/Artist since 95
RISD Instructor
former GAG member

Anne Erickson CMI
Medical illustrator

Michelle Collett

Delilah Cohn, MFA, CMI
The Medical Illustration Studio
Medical illustrator since 1971. AMI member. Brief member of GAG in the late 70's to early80s.

Lynne Larson, CMI
Medical Illustrator and member of the AMI since 1985

Marcia Williams, MSMI
Medical illustrator since 1976
Former GAG member; current AMI member

Lydia Gregg
Medical Illustrator, Research Associate
Division of Interventional Neuroradiology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Denise Wurl, MS
Graphic Designer
Certified Medical Illustrator
Member, Association of Medical Illustrators

Christoph Hitz
Illustrator / Designer

Richard Gersony MFA CMI
Medical Artist

Roberto Parada
Illustrator since 1991.

Wendy Beth Jackelow, MFA, CMI
Medical & Scientific Illustrator

Matthew C. Whitford, M.S.
Illustrator & Artist, 1998-present
AMI member, 2006-present
IPA member

R. Annie Gough
Certified Medical Illustrator
AMI Member

David Lesh
Former GAG member
Member Society of Illustrators
Founding member IPA

Kalliopi Monoyios
Scientific Illustrator

Kathleen Wagner, MFA, CMI
Assistant Director, Medical Graphics & Photography
UT M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Illustrator since 1982
Member, Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) since 1986

Daniel Carvalho Muller,
Medical Illustrator since 2000
Interactive Medical Media Designer at the New England Journal of Medicine since 2004
AMI member since 1998, HeSCA member since 2007

Anne Altemus, MA, FAMI
Medical Illustrator
Past President, Association of Medical Illustrators
Past Chair, Board of Governors, Association of Medical Illustrators
Assistant Professor, Department of Art As Applied to Medicine, JHUSOM
1988-Present, Member, Association of Medical Illustrators
Fellow of AMI

Thomas Sims, FAMI
Pres. & Chairman, MediVisuals Inc.
Medical illustrator for 38 years
Past GAG member
AMI member since 1972

Diana Marques
Freelance Science Illustrator

Ian Keltie

Dave Seeley

Gayle Hegland
Editorial Illustrator and Visual Artist

Tami Tolpa, MFA
Medical Illustrator
Member, the Board of Governors of the Association of Medical Illustrators

Beth Logan

Jason Keith

Kate Flock

Janet Chao
Former GNSI member
Scientific Illustrator since 2006
Medical Illustrator since 2008

Lisa Clark, MA, CMI
Certified Medical Illustrator

Bart Forbes
former GAG member

Richard Solomon
Artists Representative
Agent for Illustrators for 25 years, Owner and founder of Richard Solomon Artists Representative and Art on a Grand Scale

Fernanda Cohen

Michelle R. Weaver

Meridth Gimbel

Mary Beth Nardy
Illustrator & Designer

Robert Hunt

Stephen Di Cerbo

Bryan Beus
Working illustrator since 2004, assistant to Richard Solomon Artist Representative 2007-2008.

Richard Kenward
Precision Drum Scanning

Graham McArthur
President Illustrators Australia (SA Branch)
Illustrator since 1970

Irene Gallo
Art Director since 1994

Tom Byrne
Irish Super Realist illustrator. Based in France. Member of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland. Member of Maison des Artistes. Former member of the GAG

Julia Talcott

Rich Grote
Illustrator since 1974

Gail Thurm
Shannon Associates
Artist Agent

Chip Caton
Artist Representative since 1985, past GAG member.

Simon Bollinger
Artist Agent
Shannon Associates

Monika Roe

Marc Rosenthal

Teresa Fasolino
Faculty School of Visual Arts

Greg Call
Illustrator and designer since 1983

Tin Salamunic
Illustrator, Adjunct Faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University-Richmond, VA

Carl Wiens
Illlustrator since 1989, CAPIC member since 1992, IPA member since 2000

Lisa Henderling

Robert Meganck
Professor, Communication Art, VCU
Past GAG member

Taina Litwak CMI
Litwak Illustration Studio
Member AMI, GNSI, Illustrators Club of DC/MD/VA, GNSI
national treasurer (1994-96)and president (1991-92), Board member
Vesalius Trust (1995-98), contributor to GAG data surveys for Pricing
and Ethical guidelines books.

Sally Wern Comport

Greg Spalenka
Illustrator/Concept Designer

Sterling Hundley
Illustrator Since 1998
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Arts, Virginia
Commonwealth University
Core Instructor, Illustration Academy
Member, Society of Illustrators, New York

Greg Harlin

Bill Mayer

Gregory Manchess
Illustrator since 1977
Member Society of Illustrators, NYC

Don Rogers
Illustration Professor
Savannah College of Art and Design

Dominic Catalano
Illustrator since 1978

Peter Hertzmann
Peter Hertzmann, Inc

Jim Cohen
Society of Illustrators, Member
IPA, Member
GAG, Member

Bonnie Lallky-Seibert
former GAG member, current IPA and SI-LA member
illustrator since 1985

David Purnell
Medical Illustrator

Dave Sullivan
Illustrator since 1975

Daryll Collins
Cartoonist/ Illustrator since 1981
National Cartoonists Society

Gabriel Utasi

Mark A. Bender

Chuck Rekow

Anne Huddleston
Illustrator/Product Designer/Graphic Designer

Charles S. Pyle
Illustrator since 1976, former GAG member, past president San Francisco Society of Illustrators,
Director, School of Illustration, Academy of Art University

Woodrow J. Hinton III

James Jean

Daniel Robbins
Illustrator/Fine artist
Adjunct professor, Communication Arts, VCU

Mariano Santillan

Marcelo Baez

Robin deSomer Pierce
Medical Illustrator since 1983
Past GAG member 2001
Association of Medical Illustrators

Richard Krepel
Illustrator since 1972

Margaret Hardebeck MD, MS, CMI
Medical Illustrator since 1999

James F. Kraus
Art Guy Studios
Illustrator since 1988

Lars Grant-West

Tim Bower

Santiago Cohen
Illustrator since 1982 and member of SCBWI

Allen Garns
Illustrator since 1980

Nathan Fox

Alex Murawski
Illustrator and Associate Professor
University of Georgia
Lamar Dodd School of Art

Joan M. K. Tycko
Certified Medical Illustrator
Tycko Medical Art

Dennis Porter

René Milot
Illustrator since 1980, CAPIC member since 1985,
Society of Illustrators since 2004

Eric Fortune

John Hendrix,
Society of Illustrators Member since 2004, ICON 6 Board Member, Former GAG employee

David Hartz
Illustrator/ Fine artist since 1980
Past G.A.G. member
Current A.I.G.A. member
Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati

James Brunner
Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Daniel Dos Santos

Allen Douglas
Illustrator since 1994

Rick Beaupre
Northampton, Mass.

Tom Casmer
Illustration Department Head
Ringling College of Art and Design

Eric Brock
Illustrator, Fine Artist & VFX Artist

John Ritter
Illustrator/Artist practicing since 1993.

Kip Carter, MS CMI
Chief of Medical Illustration Services
Educational Resources
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Georgia

Jody Hewgill
Illustrator Since 1988, IPA member
Society of Illustrators member
illustration professor OCAD

Joe Azar
Cartoonist/Illustrator since 1980
Member, Illustrators Club of Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia since 1987
Past member of GAG, contributing editor to PEGs (7th ed.)

Regan Dunnick

Diane Christensen
Senior Designer/art director

John Jude Palencar
Artist / Illustrator
Member, Society of Illustrators, NYC
Various gallery affiliations
Visiting Artist in Residence:
National and International University affiliations

Vince Natale
Artist/illustrator since 1985
Former GAG member
Future IPA member
Drawing instructor Woodstock School of Art, NY.
Former drawing instructor duCret school of Art, NJ.

Frank Costantino
F.M. Costantino, Inc., FMC Watercolor Arts
Architectural Illustrator since 1972;
Co-Founder & President Emeritus, the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI), 1986;
Founding Board Member & Vice-Chair, American Society of Illustrators Partnership (ASIP) 2007,
Honorary Member, Society of Illustrators; Member Salmagundi Club NYC;
Signature Member New England Watercolor Society (NEWS);
Associate Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA);
Member, Boston Society of Architects, Seminar Principal and Watercolor Instructor

Michael Savas
Dean of Visual Communication LCAD

Karen Petrasko

Eric Braddock

Glendon Mellow
Illustrator/Artist since 1996

Lance Kennamer
Industrial Designer

John Picacio
Fulltime freelance illustrator since 2001

Howard Lyon

Matt Stewart

David Wilson
Illustrator- Member of SCBWI &CBIU

Patricia Smith
Freelance Illustrator

Rick Lieder

Tyler Davis

Lee Moyer
Illustrator since 1982
Former GAG Member

Randy Gallegos
Illustrator since 1994

Bregelle Whitworth Davis

Tim Durning

Vaughn Barker

Arnie Fenner
Senior Art Director/Andrews McMeel Publishing LLC,
Co-Director Spectrum Fantastic Art LLC

Rick Berry
Fine artist, Comic and book cover artist,
conceptor (TV, movies, urban planning)
Teacher; Tufts University, Art Institute of Boston, Marywood University
Lecturer: numerous colleges and corporations
Former GAG member, Boston

Bruce Jensen
Member, Society of Illustrators, NYC

Mike Facey

Colleen Parker
Illustrator/Freelance Craftsperson
member of the disgruntled masses

Robert MacKenzie

Michael Gibbs
illustrator since 1980
board member, Illustrators Club of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia
IPA member

Gina Matarazzo
Illustrator since 1995

Dustin d'Arnault

Frank Sturges
Artist Rep

Jessica Hische
Designer / Illustrator

Michael J. Deas
Illustrator since 1975; member of the Society of Illustrators

JW Miller

Joe Kovach
Illustrator/ Designer since 1984
Instructor Illustration Department CCAD

Haylee Herrick

Bill Carman
Professor, Boise State University

Owen Smith
Illustrator working in the field for twenty years
Teacher, California College of the Arts

Dan Craig
Illustrator since 1980

Doulgas Fraser
Member of the Society of Illustrators
Advisory Board Status ICON5
Past Founding Member Status IPA

Greg Newbold
Freelance Illustrator since 1990; former GAG member; current IPA member;
Brigham Young University Illustration adjunct faculty member.

Stewart McKissick
Professor, Coordinator Department of Illustration
Columbus College of Art & Design

George Zebot
Illustrator since 1973
Professor Illustration Program, California State University Long Beach
former Illustration Chair, Laguna College of Art and Design

C. Michael Dudash
Artist and Illustrator
Former member of GAG
30 year award winning career

John Mattos

Jack Harris
Designer, Creative Director, eureka
Member Society of Illustrators
Asst Professor, Farmingdale State College

Greg Swearingen
Illustrator since 1998.
Member of Society of Illustrators, NYC.
Member of Northern Ohio Illustration Society 1998 - 2002.

Paul Zdepski
Illustrator/Lecturer (1981-present)
Illustrators Club of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia (since 2005)
Artists' Cartel (founder 2005)

Chuck Primeau
Illustrator since 1986

Loren Long,

Patrick Arrasmith
Illustrator since 1994.

Adam Gillespie
Illustrator since 2003

Bill Thomson
Illustrator since 1983
Associate Professor of Illustration, Hartford Art School
Member Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles Society of Illustrators,
Illustrators Partnership, and Graphic Artists Guild

Will Terry
Illustrator and Educatorsince 1992

Matthew D. Innis

David Monette
Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist

Peter Bono

Dale Stephanos
Illustrator since 1986

Amanda Saxton,
Universityof Alaska Anchorage

Brandon Reese

Carolina Arentsen

Peter de Sève

McLean Kendree
Freelance Illustrator and Video Game Concept Artist

Mark Stutzman, Eloqui, Inc.
Illustrator since 1978
Active SI Member since 1994

Alana Lea
Botanical Illustrator & Graphic Artist since 1984, former GAG member

Casey Craig

Dushan Milic
Illustrator (& Designer) for 8 years

Andrew Tafelski,
Graphics coordinator & cartoonist, Los Angeles, CA

Stewart Kenneth Moore / Booda
Artist since 1990

Joe Spencer
Illustrator & Designer since 76

Dale Axelrod
San Francisco Bay Area artist and activist

Zachary Pullen

Leslie Nolan
Nolan Design
Former GAG Member
Designer, Illustrator since 1981
Member, Jersey Shore Public Relations and Advertising Association

Bryan Friel
Illustrator and designer since 1982

Rick Whipple
Illustrator since 1976
Member, IPA

Dave Titus
Illustrator and Animator since 1993
General Member IPA
Former GAG member

Mike Edholm

Jeff Norwell
Illustrator since 1987

Jefrey Gunion
Graphic Designer and Illustrator since 1981
Former West Coast Representative for GAG San Francisco Chapter

Laurie Lafrance

Liz Wheaton
Illustrator since 1980, Charter Member of the IPA

Shane L. Johnson
Freelance illustrator since 2001

Alan Wade
Storyboard illustrator

Elsa Warnick
illustrator since 1985
member IPA since 2001

John Corbitt,
Freelance illustrator for over 18 years

Lisa Falkenstern
Illustrator since 1980

Paul Mirocha
Free-lance illustrator since 1990
Former GAG member

Gregory Nemec
Illustrator since 1988

warren dayton
illustrator designer
camino, calif

Chris van Es
Illlustrator since 1988

Martha Benari
Illustrator since 2004

Michael Auger
Working Illustrator since 1998, Current GAG Member

Marilyn Bebb Dudden
Architectural Illustrator since 2000

Dorian Vallejo
Portrait painter and former illustrator

Mark Lefkowitz, CMI, FAMI
President, Association of Medical Illustrators

Cathy Wilkins
Illustrator/Designer since 1990

Joe Fournier
Illustration, Animation, Music

Cheryl Welch
Illustrator/Surface & Graphic Design
member GAG

Kirk Caldwell

Greg Dahler

Stuart Austin

Patrick Jones

Leslie Lammle

Yan Nascimbene

Diane deGroat
Illustrator since 1969.
Former GAG member

Margaret Chodos-Irvine

Tony Anthony
Artist, Illustrator, Designer

Serge Herbiet
Designer/Art Director
Intuición Gráfica. Ltda

Ken Joudrey
President of the San Diego Society of Illustrators , educator, former GAG member
full - time Illustrator since 1982 , Member of IPA

Oleg Portnoy

Tracy Sabin
Illustrator since 1973
Society of Illustrators San Diego member since 1992

Tim Haggerty
Cartoonist/ illustrator since 1982.

Peter Fasolino
20+ years as full time illustrator, Ex-GAG member and will stay that way

Jacqui Morgan

Adam McCauley

C. B. Mordan
Artist/Illustrator since 1988

Connie McLennan
Member, Picture Book Artists Association
North West Air Force Artists

Carol Heyer

Mark Jaquette
BAMmGRAPHICS & illustrationISM

Cynthia Nelms-Byrne
Artist/Graphic Designer

Cathy Hull

Rhonda Libbey
Member Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators; Member Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists; Member SCBWI,
Member Illustrator Partnership of America; Member Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.

Jennifer Hewitson
Illustrator since 1986

Craig McKay
proud member of the Natl. Cartoonists Society

-freelance illustrator-storyboard artist

Lee Corey
Illustrator/Cartoonist since 1981
Former GAG Cartoonist Alliance Member
Artist Member, Society of Illustrators

Gerald Siciliano
sculptor, illustrator, educator

Marsha Winborn
Illustrator since 1971
Former GAG member

Steve McCracken

Joe Vissichelli
Design/Illustrator since 1975, Former GAG member (1980s-90's)

Sylvie Daigneault
Illustrator since 1978,
Member of CAPIC

Matt Foster
illustrator since 1980
Art Center Alumni 1980

Wendy Wahman
GAG & SCBIW member

Shelley Brown
i2i Art Inc.

Brian Lemke
Illustrator and graphic designer since 1985

Andrea Brooks
Andrea Brooks Studio

Dennis Kendrick
Andrea Brooks Studio

Jason Manley

Manuel Morales
Illustrator since 1982, USOC Olympic artist,
NY Giants Tempt Destiny artist

W C Burgard
Illustrator since 1983. Instructor, University of Michigan School of Art.

Jens Claessens
Freelance concept artist and illustrator

Linda Undernehr
Illustrator & Designer

Leif Peng
Illustrator since 1988, National Cartoonists Society member, author
Today's Inspiration classic illustration blog

Pamela Duarte
BFA Art Center College of Design
Free lance illustrator

Zach Trenholm
Illustrator since 1980.
Former GAG member....

Susan Ishige
Illustrator since 1980

Bill Frymire
Illustrator since 1992

Sally Mara Sturman
Artist, Illustrator 1977 to present

louisa bertman,
illustrator cambridge ma.

Alj Mary
(AKA Albert James Mary, Ilaekae)
Designer/Artist/Instructor/Member of ConceptArt.Org
Former instructor in design, illustration, conceptual design,
typography, layout and pre-press production, Ivy School of
Professional Art
Founder and President of Mary/Communications, Mary and Associates.
Founder, CEO and Primary Designer of The Iron rose Complex, Inc.
Painter, sculptor, printmaker, published author, photographer,
designer, conceptual designer and planner, assemblage and textile

David Merrell

Donald Chretien AOCA
Illustrator since 1985 / Art director Creativehouse

Jeff Leedy
Illustrator 1978-1986
Member of GAG 1980s
Fine Artist 1986-present
Member NAIA 2000+
Active opponent to Orphan Works Bill

Aurélie Neyret

Cherie Sinnen
Illustrator since 1990

Roger Xavier
Illustrator since 1985

Janet O’Keefe
O'Keefe Design

Lorena Pugh
Artist / Illustrator

Paul Marcel Vloothuis
full-time student, supporter of the Illustrators Partnership and the American Society of
Illustrators Partnership

Marc Ericksen
Freelance Illustrator since 1975, Art Center graduate,
past president of San Francisco Society of Illustrators,
Cofounder of Northwest Air Force Artists

Brian Lies
Children's book author and illustrator

The Legendary Alfred 'Skunkweed' Larue
Illustrator since 1965.
Former GAG member.
The Orginal "Web Surfer".
Founding member of The Big Green Plastic Unknown Evolutionaries - An Illustration collective and performance troupe based in San Francisco 1966-1971.

Kinuko Y. Craft
Illustrator/ Painter since 1965
Member Society of Illustrators for over 25 years and Hall of Fame Inductee 2008
Founding member of the IPA,

Mahlon F. Craft
Graphic Designer/Photographer/Author, since 1965

Ashley Benham

Annie LaVigne
Illustrator, GAG member since 2002
Harriet and Mickey, Ink.

May Cheney
Medical Illustrator, artist
former memeber of AMI and GNSI

Karen Chandler
Illustrator since 1985, Society of Illustrators member

John Findley
Freelance illustrator since 1976
Creator of the graphic series Tex Arcana

Coco Masuda
Graphic Designer / Illustrator since 1983

Jen Hsieh

Scott Prather
Illustration Student

Meg Biddle
Illustrator/Cartoonist and Founder of Youth Arts Collective (

Harry Pincus

Eric Berendt
Eric Berendt Studios

Obadinah Heavner
Obadinah Studios
Now a former GAG member

Lisa French,
long-time member of GAG, former member of SILA, member of IPA since the first year;
current member of SI

Fred Ingram
Portland, OR

Kev Ferrara
Illustrator, Comic Book Artist, Designer, Concepting, Storyboards.

Dave Chow
illustrator since 1987
adjunct faculty at the College for Creative Studies

Raymond Olivere

Michel Bohbot
Illustrator/ Designer. Former President of The San Francisco Society of Illustrators. Board member of ASIP.

Kenneth Hunter
freelance illustrator, Art Student, and Member of

Toby Welles
Illustrator/Animator working since 1984

Mollie Bozarth
Middle School Art Teacher

Diana Philbrook
Illustrator for 50 years and member of SILA
since 1985

John T. Nelson
Illustrator since 1994

Pavel Elagin
Concept Artist - Games Industry

Bob Conge
Illustrator since 1970, Former member of GAG and SOI

Holly Ogburn
Freelance Illustrator & Webdesigner

Max Challie
Art/Design Student and Member of ConceptArt.Org

Dave Joly
Illustration / Animation
Former GAG member - approx. 1984-2000

Joseph Masri

Steven De Waele

Dave van Wijk

Jim Mellett
Member: Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators

Jeffrey Smith
Freelance illustrator since 1980, Professor at The Art Center College of Design.

Harvey Chan
Illustrator since 1984

Larry Roibal
Illustrator since 1982

Laura Jacobsen

Douglas Klauba

Paul Weiner

Janet McDonnell

Giovannina Colalillo
Illustrator & Artist since 1987
Member of SILA - Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles

David Michael Beck
Professional illustrator since 1972.

Dean Fleming
Freelance Illustrator for 20 years
Artist Member: California Art Club

Scott Lefton
Photoshop Artist

Renata Ratajczyk
Photographer and Digital Artist

Daniel J. Bird
Artist / Architectural Restorer and Conservator / Photographer

Rob Rey

Des Hanley

Elizabeth O. Dulemba
Award winning book illustrator

Edna Cabcabin Moran
SCBWI Member 2001-present
GAG Member 1997-2000

Elaine Unger

Jeff Faerber

Michael LaVasseur

Lynne Cannoy
Illustrator since 1994, graphic designer/ art director since 1974.
Member, Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators

Mike Quillin
Designer/Illustrator, Educator since 1975.

Leticia Plate
Maine Illustrators' Collective

Chris Green

Donna Pidlubny

Andrea Dippolito
Artist/Graphic Designer

Louis Yung
Student and Member of ConceptArt.Org

John Hyatt

Gabriel Yaden
Art Student, freelance mural painter Imagine FX ......student

Doug Martin
Toronto, Canada
Illustrator since 1975

Rob Collinet

Jay Montgomery
Atlanta, GA
Illustrator/Designer, SCAD Illustration Professor
GAG member 1996-2004, Atlanta Chapter President 2000-2
IPA member – since 2006

Diana Ponce
Fashion and Lifestyle Illustrator (since 1985)
Former GAG member (Chair of Graphic Design Exchange NYC Chapter 2005)

Ayla Posey

Luke Swain
Classical Art Student

Mica Angela Hendricks
Illustrator and Graphic artist since 1997

Etienne Delessert
author and illustrator

Mark S. Fisher
Illustrator since 1972

Lauren K. Dahler
MPH Candidate, CWRU '10
BA in Biological Sciences, Columbia University '08

Steve Brodner
Illustrator / Cartoonist
Professional since 1972
Instructor, SVA, FIT
GAG since 1982
GAG office holder 1982-87
SI since 1979

Cathy Fenner
Lettering/Graphic Designer, Hallmark Cards Inc.
Co-Director Spectrum Fantastic Art LLC

Douglas B. Jones
Illustrator since 1986.

Amirah Busairi

Gina Perry
Illustrator and Licensing Artist
SCBWI Member since 2003

Shawn Dunn
Student Artist from 1990-Now
*Hopefully going to be* Fine Concept Artist.

Cheri Freund
Artist/Illustrator, Former GAG member

Matt Curtius

Sheila Golden
Artist/ Illustrator for over 30 years.

Anni Matsick
Member, Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators
Member, Picture Book Artists Association
Member, Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators and Editor, PSInside

Dina Abou Karam
Freelance concept artist and game designer

Richard Borge
Illustrator and educator since 1990

Mikko Kinnunen
Concept artist

Steven E. Hughes

Chad Cameron
Illustrator since 1994, long time member of IPA, GAG, and SCBWI

John & Wendy,
Illustrators since 1979, GAG member since 1974

Daniel Zhang

Tristan Elwell
Illustrator since 1990
Faculty, School of Visual Arts
Society of Illustrators member
Former GAG member

Zelda Devon

Laurel Long
Illustrator, educator

Francis Vallejo
Working freelance illustrator, Member of Society of Illustrators

Bill Koeb

Angela Titus

Sishir Bommakanti of Ringling college of Art and Design. first year majoring in illustration

Miles Johnston
Freelance artist

Robin Eley
Illustrator since 2005

Eric Orchard

Cory Trego-Erdner
Art student, member of

Brian Thuringer

Jarkko kinnunen
Illustrator, graphical designer

David Hohn
Member SCBWI - since 1998
GAG member 2000- 2002

Eleanore Marcey

Joseph Salyers
Artist / Graphic Designer

Michael J. Williams

Oliver Yourke
Illustrator since 1975

Kelly Tudor
Working Freelance Illustrator/ Student

Barry Blitt

Jack L. Amos
Professional Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Artist since 1968

David Hollenbach

Carol Drobek
Photographic Art

Robert Barrett
Department of Visual Arts
Brigham Young University

Gary Wayne Golden
Artist, Designer, Illustrator

David Labrozzi
Illustrator and Art Director since 1993
President, Illustrators Club of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia
Non-Resident Honorary Member, Society of Illustrators since 2006
Hartford Limited Residency MFA in Illustration, current enrolled

Bleu Turrell
freelance illustrator/artist since 1998

Mark Zingarelli
The International House Of Zing
30 Years in Illustration
National Cartoonist Society
Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators

Jacob Thomas

Jos. A. Smith
Illustrator since 1962

Jeff Moores
Illustrator since 1983
T-shirt boot-legger since 1974

Duncan Reed
illustrator since 1957.
Principal, Duncan Reed Illustration & Design

tim mitchell,

Robert Jay Kaufman
Illustrator since 1977
Professor and former Chair of the Illustration Department
The Art Institute of Boston

Eli Harris
Illustrator since 2007

Brian Bowes
Illustrator, Designer since Day One

Mercedes McDonald

Cristina Acosta
Cristina Acosta Art & Design LLC
Painter, illustrator, Designer & Author

Greg Mably

Doris Ettlinger
Illustrator since 1973, former GAG member, SCBWI and IPA member

Annika Romeyn

David Reuss

Tom Nick Cocotos
illustrator since 1994
faculty, FIT
former GAG member

Jean Cassels
Illustrator children's books since 1969
member SCBWI, American Society of Botanical Artists, Illustrators Partnership of America and GAG member.

Thom Tenery

Lizzy Hinrichs
graphic design student

Chelsea Darling
Graphic Designer

Hannah Elliott
Graphic Design Student

Sally Springer

john hersey

Tom Richmond
Illustrator since 1989
National Cartoonists Society since 1998
National Caricaturist Network since 1997
Former Graphic Artist Guild member

Bryan Ureel
Flying Fish Studios
graphic design -illustration -digital imaging-photography

Brian Caleb Dumm
Illustrator/Art Instructor

Peter Myers
Myers, Myers & Adams Advertising, Inc.

Jason Crosby

Casey Shaw
Creative Director, USA WEEKEND Magazine

William Low

Russell Charpentier
Society of illustrators member since 1987

Liza Woodruff
PBAA and SCBWI member

Barbara Samanich
Illustrator & Designer

Judith Murello
Art Director

Alan Lapp
Owner, Level Five Graphics, Inc., since 1994
Illustrators Club member

Stephen Marchesi
Illustrator since 1974
SCBWI member

Laurence Schwinger
Illustrator since 1968

Thomas Jackson
Illustrator and graphic designer
Professor, Art Institute of Philadelphia

Felix Sockwell
editorial illustrator and identity consultant

James Gurney

Amy Huntington
Illustrator since 1996

Amy Bock
Illustrator since 1986, past GAG member NYC

Tessa Harris
Fashion Illustrator, former student of Brad Holland

Bethanne Andersen
BYU illustration professor

Mark Covell
illustrator and in animation for thirteen years

Denise Ozker
Comics artist/writer, painter
Founder, 2007, the Cartoonist Roundtable, (now Chair Emeritus).
Chair, 2001-2006, the Cartoonist Alliance (of the New York Chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild)
Founder and Chair, the Cartoonist Roundtable, formerly known as the Cartoonist Alliance
Guild member, NY GAG Board Member, 2001-2006.

John Rush
Painter / Illustrator / Print maker

David Christiana
University of Arizona

Gary Aagaard
illustrator/painter from 1980 - present.... former NYC GAG member for approx. 5 years

Randy Fisher
Illustrator since 1980

Tony Cochran
creator of syndicated comic strip Agnes

Vickie Smith

Craig Smallish
Artist, Illustrator (since 1983), Educator
MATC, Milwaukee, WI

Megan Trueblood
Brigham Young University

Houston Trueblood
Brigham Young University

Richard P. Clark
Illustrator since 1993; GAG member 1998-2002; Society of Illustrators
member 2000-present

Melinda Beavers
Illustration & Design

Gerry O'Neill

Tim O'Brien
Illustrator since 1987

David Robitaille,
Owner & Creative Director - Landmark Design. Artist's Representative
2004. Artist and Illustrator since 1984

Wayne Haag
Production Designer, Matte Painter, Fine Artist, Photographer
Sydney, Australia

Jade Gordon

Tim Oliphant (Mr. Ollie)
Freelance cartoonist/humorous illustrator and member of the National
Cartoonists Society and it's former Education Comm. Chairman since 1984

Don Maitz
Self employed, published, aesthetic troubleshooter

Daniel Baxter
Illustrator since 1991

Jack Pittman
National Cartoonists Society

Dave Calver
working illustrator since 1976

Donald LeRoy Jones
Illustrator, Portrait artist and picture framer.
Former member of Society of Illustrators New York.

Simon Häussle
Illustrator, Comics person

Mark and Mary Willenbrink
Illustrator (Mark) and authors (Mark and Mary) of Absolute Beginner Books by North Light Publishing
Mark is also a signature member of Cincinnati Art Club

Alfred Ramage
Former President Guild Boston Chapter
Former V.P. Legislation National Board Graphic Artist Guild
(two terms each)
Boston chapter Grievance Committee

Jack Unruh
Founding member IPA

John Howe

Peter Gorman
Illustrator/Cartoonist/Portrait Artist

Allan Comport
Faculty, Illustration Department, Maryland Institute College of Art
Artist Representative since 1983

Lisa Rivard
past GAG member

Pamela Boucher

M. Scott Hammond
Illustrator, cartoonist

Dreena Barker
Art direction, illustration & design since 1976
principal, Atelier Barker and Modern Frogs
former member GAG

Debrah Blount
Seattle, WA

José Luis Ocaña
art director of Spintoon. Ilustrator and animator since 1996.
Málaga, Spain.

Madeline von Foerster

Kathryn Adams
illustrator since 1987,
educator (business practices for illustrators) at OCAD and Sheridan College since 2001

David Theriault

artist since 1997

Bob Giadrosich
Fine Artist and Illustrator since 1989
Founder and Owner of Sharayah Press

Robert F. Walters and Tess Kissinger
Illustrators and partners
Walters & Kissinger, LLC
"The Museum Illustration Studio"

Robert Maloney
Artist since 1996

Krystle Brown
Student Artist

Lauren Saint-Onge
Illustration student, Woodstock, Connecticut

Ainsley Bonham
Student at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Painting major

Suzanne Barnes
Artist/Illustrator/Educator 1983-

Billy Tackett
Billy Tackett Studios
Illustrator/ Graphic Artist
Former GAG member

Krista M. Karels
Illustrator & Photographer

Paul Olson

Amanda Edling
Digital Artist and Illustrator
Nimbus Gaming

Alik Arzoumanian

Nick Edlund
Edlund Design

Lisa Kennedy
Pencil to Pixel Studio

Carlos Castellanos
Freelance Illustrator and studio owner since 1983
Syndicated Cartoonist since 2000
Former GAG member and chapter president

susy pilgrim waters

William M. Vrscak
Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators

Thierry Labrosse

Sean Chappell
Artist since birth

Jane Hurd
President/Chief Creative Officer
Hurd Studios Medical Animation
Member of Association of Medical Illustrators 1970 - present
Founding member of Guild of Natural Science Illustrators
Past member of Illustrators Club of Washington, D.C.
Past member of GAG

Lianne Krueger Sullivan
Medical illustrator
Professor of Art, Brookhaven College

John Thomas

Sharon Vargo
Illustrator /Author
Former GAG board member & member
Current Memberships:
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators -SCBWI-( IN
Illustration Coordinator)
Picture Book Artists Association (PBAA)

Evren Bilgihan
Illustrator since 2003

Mary Taylor

Ralph Beach
Painter, Illustrator and Graphic Designer.
Member of the Boston Afro-American Artist Association and an AAMARP artist. AAMARP is The African American master Artists in-Residency program an adjunct of The African American Studies Department at Northeastern University

Alison LIndstrom
Painter/Graphic designer

Greg Orfanos

Judi Orfanos

Josie Taglienti

Kevin Gillespie

Mary Wilkas
Visual artist

Gloretta Baynes
Artist/Curator/ past Chair
African American Master Artist in Residence Program (AAMARP)
an adjunct of the Department of African American Studies
Northeastern University

Jeff Carpenter
Arts United/Fall River, MA

Joseph J. Nagarya

Dana Henderson
Freelance Illustrator
BRA Certified 2007

Morocco Flowers

Brian Sherwin
artist, art critic,
Senior Editor for

Jorge Mascarenhas

Victor Juhasz
Member of the Society of Illustrators

Kim Rosen
Illustrator since 1974

Colleen Doran
Member GAG since the1980's

Ward Schumaker

Garison Weiland